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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to get there : Philippine Embassy in Singapore

I've never been good with directions and getting loss is just a waste of time, unless you're on a Europe trip. 

First thing: BOOK an ONLINE APPOINTMENT to process any papers with the embassy. 

This is a guide walk through the jungles of Orchard Road to the land of the Philippine Embassy, where endless papers works flies around in each corner. 

How to go there: BY FOOT

Find the exit where you'll pass by Citibank.

Next find the Rubi Outlet outlet, a few steps away from the bank. Beside it pass through the small tunnel , you'll never miss this because loud music is played in the area. 

Walk Straight. A BIG yellow sign near two escalators will greet you. 
FOLLOW THE ARROW pointing to Shaw House/Wheelock Place.
Images will be shown from this point onwards for your convenience. 

Pass Tunnel 
Escalator out of MRT leads to Isetan Mall
Walk pass by Shaw Building and TCC Connoisseur.

Thai Embassy

Far East Shopping and Hilton Hotel is just across the street
Cross the pedestrian lain from Orchard Tower 

Across the street you can view ORCHARD PARK HOTEL 

If you're taking the BUS then alight at this bus stop.
Now continue walking. If you're standing near DELI ORCHARD then it only means you're almost there. 

This the way that will lead to you closer to the embassy. 

Take the small path. Standing in that point will give a view of TANGLIN SHOPPING CENTRE and a laundy shop named For the love of laundry. 

Walk straight passing by the laundry shop across the street. 

Keep walking as you enjoy nice estates like Nassim Jade, Seven, Nashvile and Sage.

A few more metres away you'll find the small establishment of the Philippine Embassy.

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